Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After 19 seasons in the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal hangs up the sneakers. I didn't have the opportunity to see Wilt, Kareem play..I only saw highlights. And when I was born, it was the tale end of Olajuwons career and Shaq was just a freak athlete in Orlando. In his 19 year career Shaq has the following on his resume:
                          *1993 Rookie of the Year
                          *4 rings
                          *15 All Star selections
                          *5th All time in scoring(28,596)
                          *3 time NBA Finals MVP
                          *2000 NBA MVP
                          *Avg 20pts 10reb (13 seasons-Most in NBA)

Besides the business he took care of on the court, he was also did the same off the court. He was a reserve officer for the Los Angeles Port Police...starred in the movies "Blue Chips" and "Kazaam." And if that wasn't enough, he had 5 rap albums, and was on the cover of video games a numerous amount of times. The best part about all of the things he accomplished were the nick names; Shaq Fu, The Diesel, Superman, The Big Aristotle, Dr. Shaq,  Shaqovic, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Shamrock,  The big Leprechaun...the list goes on. Shaq was one of the most dominating players ever in my era and in NBA history and was a joy to watch, and with that said i'd like to say thank you for 19 years of service!!
                            CAN YOU DIG IT
                                BIG RETIREE