Thursday, April 14, 2011


ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHTTTTTTTTT!!!! *Kevin Hart Voice The NBA PLAYOFFS are here!!! This should be one of the most watched playoffs in years. With all the trades that went down, and a lot of intriguing match ups...this is gonna be fun! In the West, Im looking forward to OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) vs Denver (Nuggets) and Portland (Trailblazers) vs Dallas (Mavericks) matchup. I think the OKC and Denver will be a high scoring series. After the Melo trade, the Nuggets went 18-7. Impressive, BUT...they lost the Thunder twice at the end of the season. Kevin Durant (2009- 2010 NBA MVP) put up 32 and 28 in both of those wins. Not to mention, they have size on the front line now with the edition of Kendrick Perkins. So, I see OKC winning this series in 6 games. In the other Western Conference matchup, I like Portland in 7 games. Don't get me wrong, Dallas is a good team and Dirk is a great REGULAR SEASON player...he just doesn't show up when it counts. For example, 2006 NBA Finals...up 2-0 on the Miami Heat, and they lose to the series 4-2. Then again, they just couldn't stop FLASH aka D.Wade. So, yeah...i still don't believe in Dirk or the Mavs.

In the Eastern conference...we got the D.Rose and the Bulls, Dwight Howard and the Magic, The battle tested Celtics, the new look Knicks, and the most talked about team ALL YEAR the Miami Heat. To be honest, in the east...the only series I would watch closely is Boston vs New York. Its going to be a very physical series...VERY!!! The Knicks are gonna give Boston everything they've got...I just hope the C's don't try and look past them, because not only does NYC have Melo and STAT40 (Amare'), they still have who I feel in my mind a top PG in the league...Chauncey Billups. He's the difference maker in my opinion..Melo and Amare' are going to get there's, but at the end of the day Chauncey is clutch!!! Mr. Big Shot is a former NBA Finals MVP and has shown that in late games, he can knock down the 3 and he shoots close to 90% from the stripe. The Celtics just need to apply themselves. After the Perkins trade, they seemed like a building came crashing down on their season. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and KG have to play big...but the biggest piece to this puzzle is Rajon Rondo. He has to set the tone early...meaning, apply pressure, get steals, rebound, just flat out be AGGRESSIVE!!! Celtics in 6...Knicks just not deep enough. 


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