Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Heavyweight GONE

This might have been the last we've seen of the Big 3 in boston but who knows. The series was shorter than some expected, but the Boston Celtics were eliminated by the most hated team in the NBA...the Miami Heat. It only took 5 games to do it, but at the end of the series you could see a sense of relief by LeBron James as he kneeled down after the game was over and took a moment to his self. I guess you can say he got the "monkey off his back" after losing to the C's in previous play off matchups. You could make the same argument for Dwyane Wade, who faced the C's in the first round of last seasons playoffs. The Big 3 of the Heat aka "THE HEATLES" said the reason they came together is because of Boston's Big 3 (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett). LeBron stated, "Seeing guys make sacrifices to come together and play as one. They set the blueprint and went out there and did it. The won a championship. They competed every year." Some say the injury to Rondo hurt their chances of beating the Heat, but I think differently. That discussion could go on for days, so im not getting into that...the Heat won, series over...ON TO THE NEXT ROUND!! Lastly, Heat fans...please stop moving out the way when FLASH comes flying through the crowd, we need him...I mean the TEAM needs him, so they continue there quest to winning a championship this year.

The next round for the Heat should be another battle as they take on D.Rose and the Bulls. This is the Bulls first time in the Conference Finals since that one guy....number 23, i think he has a statue outside the United Center....he goes by the name of G.O.A.T. OR Michael Jordan, which ever you'd like to call him. This should be a fun has all the hype surrounding it. You have 2 of Chicago's sons in D.Rose and D.Wade...D.Rose this years MVP (and the youngest EVER)...LeBron and the "decision" not to play with the Bulls this year, the same with Bosh and Wade...and lastly, Miami lost all 3 meetings this year versus the Bulls, by a combined 8 points!! One game LBJ didnt play...another Bosh was 1-18...and the other, LeBron missed a game winning shot. So..the anticipation is there!!
                   NBA...WHERE CHICAGO HAPPENS

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