Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, I guess Dirk is getting rid of the label of him being "soft." Last night in game 1 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder after having 8 days off...he decided to go for 48. You would think after having so many days off before playing again, he would be off a tad bit. NOPE...12- 15 from the field, and just 24-24 from the stripe, which is a new NBA PLAYOFF RECORD. It didn't matter who was guarding him. About 4 Thunder players got a chance to guard him...NO BUENO!! Everybody basically lined up and grabbed a number. Ibaka...NEXT...KD...NEXT...Collison...NEXT...Sefolosha...NEXT!!! It was unbelievable...will it happen again, I doubt it. Im just glad I was in front of the television when it happened.

                      NBA....WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS

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