Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kings of Miami

First there was the resigning of Dwyane Wade; then Chris Bosh joined the Heat; and then the most talked about charity show EVER, "The Decision" where LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. After a full season of every fan in America hating the Heat and them making it to the NBA Finals and losing to the Mavericks in 6 games, "The Decision" finally paid off.

The Miami Heat are Champions of the basketball world for the 2nd time in franchise history. After many seasons in the league, well deserved vets earned their first ring; Shane Battier, Mike Miller, and Juan Howard. They all contributed throughout the season and in the playoffs. Despite the injuries Mike Miller played the whole season with, game 5 was his coming out party for the playoffs. Mike had an out of body experience. For a minute i thought i was watching Mike Miller from Florida or even his early years in the league with Orlando and Memphis. Miller was 7-8 from the three point line. At one point in the game, Norris Cole was checking in for him and he waived him back to the bench. If this is Mike's last game in his career, i couldn't think of a better way to go out.

Chris Bosh who joined the Heat last year, also received his first ring after 9 seasons in the league. He was in the same draft class as his fellow teammates of LeBron and Wade. Last year after losing to the Mavs, Chris dropped to the floor in tears as he was walking to the locker room. Many said Chris was a good player, but shouldn't be considered a member of the "Big 3"because he was soft. The world realized how big of a role Bosh played on the team after he was injured in the Indiana series and missed 9 games. The team seemed to struggle at times, but once he was back in the line up, you could see how much it helped his team and caused problems for other teams.

The biggest story of all, is that the King has been crowned. LeBron James has won his first ring after 9 years in the NBA. After not having a triple double, LeBron picked the right game to have one. He finished with 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists. His performance was only the fifth in NBA history to get a triple double in a Championship close out game. After leaving Cleveland, and being ripped for taking his taking his talents to South Beach, he can finally say he's an NBA Champion and Finals MVP. He will still have naysayers, they re not going anywhere. But, the thing about it is they cant take away the fact that he is an NBA Champion.

After taking a step back on the team and handing the keys over to King James to drive the team, my guy Dwyane Wade gets ring #2. This was not an easy thing for him to do, to give the team to LeBron the team after he was drafted by the team in 2003 and was the franchise player. In order to win a chip he knew what needed to be done. Injuries kept Wade from being the player that we know. Throughout that he found a way to help his best friend LeBron James and the Heat organization bring a title back to South Beach. He will probably get knee surgery this summer and forgo the Olympics in London, but it will be beneficial for the Heat when the 2012-2013 season begins.


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