Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The NBA Finals are finally here. This will be one of the most watched Finals in NBA history I'm sure. I can give you 2 reasons as to why this will be the most watched; LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

What a better way to end the NBA season. You have the top 2 players in the league battling head to head to win a chip. 3 time scoring champ versus 3 time MVP. If that doesn't get you amped, I don't know what does. The energy and electricity that will be in Chesapeake Energy Arena tonight will be at an all time high. There will be lots of offense in this series, a lot of highlight plays, and some last second shots.

Ive rooted for both teams all season long. I said at the end of last season that these two teams will meet in the NBA Finals this year. Well, the time is here and i cant root for both teams now. I can sit back and watch two superstars go at it for 48 minutes every game. There are so many different match- ups and line- ups we will see in this series, it gets your wheels turning if you re a basketball junkie. It almost makes you feel like you are about to coach. As a Thunder fan, you probably sitting there trying to figure out how deep Scott Brooks will go into his bench, or how many minutes KD or Westbrook will play. Or, as a Heat fan you probably thinking, is DWade gonna show up in the first half or is the bench gonna give good minutes and produce. Its a lot to think about.

So, its prediction time. Oklahoma City has shocked the world i think. Not that they've made it to the NBA Finals, but the fashion they did it in. It didn't surprise me though; when you have a talent like Kevin Durant who eat, sleeps, and drinks basketball and can lead a team, its not hard to believe. James Harden will play a huge roll in this series and will probably play starter minutes even though he comes off the bench. Miami has LeBron, D.Wade, and Chris Bosh. The only question is, will the role players produce? It doesn't necessarily have to be points, maybe play good defense and muck the game up a little bit and cause OKC to struggle on offense, that way the score can stay close. But, I give the Miami Heat the edge because of the experience and also I feel they have something to prove. Not saying OKC doesnt, but LeBron has a chip on his shoulder and I feel that Dwyane Wade will be ready for the entire game, not just the 4th quarter. With that said, the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5 games and will be the 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

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