Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Ill start in the west, with the Spurs who play tonight in Oklahoma City. This isn't just a must win game for  the Spurs; this is a they have to win. The Spurs went from being the hottest team in the league, by winning 20 straight games. 10 regular season and 10 post season games. At one point, people were starting to wonder if the Spurs would actually lose a game in the playoffs. I thought it was one of the most blasphemous things Ive ever heard. People were just in the living in the moment, and that's fine. But to think that the Spurs would sweep OKC to get to the NBA Finals, and then sweep either the Celtics or Heat was just asinine. Now do I think the Spurs can win tonight in OKC...yes; but will they win, NO.

The Thunder crowd is one of the best, if the not the best crowd in the NBA. The Spurs are a veteran team with a lot a playoff experience. You can never count them out, never. But in the past 3 games, no matter what the Spurs did to get the game close or even when they had leads late it the game, OKC found a way to get it done. That's what championship teams do, they find a way to get it done. Doesn't matter if its ugly, at this point in the season...a win is a win. I'm taking the Thunder tonight by 10. #ThunderUp

Now to the Miami Heat. *woosah woosah woosah* Ok, I think I'm good now.

The Miami Heat are in the same boat as the game from elimination. Here is a team that most expected and were picked to win it all this year. Right now, it doesn't look that way. After losing to the Celtics last night at home in game 5. The Heat now travel to Boston to play game 6 and possibly the last game of their season. Somebody outside of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade has got to score more than t-9 points. The Heat have been exposed this series. Doc Rivers has had an excellent game plan throughout this series. Although the Celtics lost games 1 and 2 in Miami, they have clearly outplayed the Heat. Boston has made all the hustle plays and gotten stops when they needed them. Miami plays in spurts, and right now as a team, they are not good enough to turn it on and turn it off.

A positive note for Miami is that Chris Bosh played in his first game after missing the last 9 due to an abdominal injury. I expect him to play anywhere from 25- 32 min in game 6. At this point, the Heat have to play desperate. Boston has nothing to lose right now. If they win the game, they go to the Finals. And if they manage to lose, then they go back to Miami for game 7 where I believe they would feel comfortable doing. Nothing scares this Boston team. Miami needs to play a flawless game to win tomorrow night. Im still sticking with my pick, with Miami winning the series, but It does not look good.

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  1. heat will win tonite!!! i bet anything 305 we in here. good stuff to man