Monday, April 23, 2012


Michigan and Trumbull is where Tiger Stadium once stood. Now, there's nothing but grass and sidewalk. Tiger Stadium was the first stadium ive ever seen a big league game. I was just a 7 year old kid the first time I set foot in the stadium. Eyes wide open, glossy, and just in awe. I went to the stadium maybe twice after that with the same excitment...not to mention, my baseball team had just won a championship and we had seats very close to the field. Being in the ballpark reminded me of the movie "Sandlot". That was really the only thing I could relate the stadium to at the time. There were many memories at the old park, but in the last game at Tiger Stadium, Robert Fick crushed a ball to right field. Almost out of the stadium for a grand slam. Tigers would win that game 8-2. September 27, 2009 was the last game played at that park and those who were there or watched, will probably never forget it. When I think of Tiger Stadium, certain names come to mind. Sparky Anderson, Kirk Gibson, and the voice Ernie Harwell! The roar has been restored for the Tigers and are in the running for a championship almost every year. Thanks to good coaching by Jim Leyland and excellent pitching from out ace Justin Verlander...and not to mention the big bats that we have in our lineup; Cabrera, Prince Fielder (Cecil Fielder's son and former Tiger),Victor Martinez,Delmod Young, to name a few. The Tigers are gonna be in the running for a long time.Eat em up Tigers, Eat em up!!!

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