Friday, April 27, 2012


Who would've ever thought Michael Jordan...yes Michael Jordan would make history again, except this time he didn't win anything. This time as the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, his team had lost their 23rd consecutive game, had the worst record in the NBA (7-59) and the lowest win percentage in NBA history .106. If you want to put a positive twist to it, at least it wasn't a full season. Maybe they could've snuck in 3 more wins to finish up 10-72 to avoid the worst winning percentage in NBA history since the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1972-1973 season when they finished 9-73 (.110). Maybe it wasn't the teams intention to lose 59 games, or maybe it wasn't their plan to be unproductive, uncompetitive and unwatchable. But, at the end of the day thats what they were. On another note, they will have the most lottery balls in the draft this year...which means they have a pretty good chance at getting Anthony Davis. He's only one player though, they will still need to make trades and get some type of veteran leadership in the locker room.Corey Maggette (12 years) and Eduardo Najera (11 years) are the longest tenured players on the team. Before any trades are made or they can think about draft picks, im sure they will be looking for a coach. Paul Silas coached the remainder of the year after Larry Brown was fired. I cant really give you an outlook on how the team will do next season, all I can do is stay optimistic and pray that they dont have another debacle like this year.

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