Monday, April 23, 2012


During the Lakers vs Thunder game yesterday, Ron Ron aka Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace lost his cool again. On a fastbreak, World Peace attacked the rim and threw down a hard left handed dunk after splitting Durant and Ibaka. So, of course you do something like that you'll get excited and show some emotion. But, this is Ron Artest we're talking about here...this is a whole different animal when it comes to emotion. After the dunk, he pounds his chest (cool), and as James Harden is walking up...BAM!!! World Peace connects with an elbow to the head. He keeps running down the court as if he doesnt know he just hit somebody. "I got really emotional and excited and it was unfortunate that James had to get hit with an unintentional elbow," World Peace said. He was hit with a flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game. More than likely he will be suspended for some games. How many is uncertain, and with the playoffs starting next week..he could miss a few of those games as well. The bigger problem is, will James Harden be able to play during the playoffs. Likely to win the 6th man award this year, the Thunder will need him if they plan to make a run at a championship this year. As for World Peace...he needs to go back and continue his counseling.

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