Monday, April 16, 2012


With the regular season in the Association coming to an end in about a week, there are a few questions I have for the fans.
  1. Who's the best team in the East?
  2. Who's the best team in the West?
  3. Who's the sleeper team?
  4. Who's the champ?

To start off with who's the best in the East...most people would say Miami, and some would say Chicago. Can't really argue with either. I have problems with both teams as the playoffs are creeping upon us. With the team from South Beach; in their last 10 games the Heat are 6-4. The have huge loses to the emerging Boston Celtics and to the Chicago Bulls bench. The best win they've had since the All Star break is against the Knicks. Not to say the win against OKC wasn't big, but it was a home game and the Heat have basically unbeaten at home this season. If the Heat want to return to the Finals again this year and win, they need to win on the road and they need more bench production. The Bulls have played well but, they need their Superstar and last years league MVP to get back on the court with the team and get a rhythm going. The bench will not win them a championship nor will it get them to the Eastern Conference Finals. With that said, the best team in the East to me right now is...THE BOSTON CELTICS!!! They are playing at an extremely high championship level. Not saying they will win it, but with Rondo distributing the ball the way he is and KG seemingly back to his "old self", this could be a tough task for a Chicago or Miami team come 2nd or 3rd round.

*Puts on cowboy hat* Welcome to the Wild Wild West!!!! The reason I love the Western Conference, is because the playoffs actually start 2 weeks prior to the actual playoffs! Im getting straight to the point. Oklahoma City is the best team in the west, flat out. They have Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and some guy name Kevin Durant, who I believe will win the league MVP this year. But, NBA fans do not be surprised if you see the San Antonio Skips, I mean Spurs make a run at the title again. They're one of the hottest teams in the league. They can make a serious run and teams over there better respect this old veteran team.Then you have both teams from LA; The Lake Show and Lob Angeles. The Clippers are peaking at the right time, but I dont think they will go deep into the playoffs. The will be exciting to watch. So, I have OKC coming out the West.

My sleeper pick is coming from the West. The Memphis Grizzles are back at it again. 7-3 in their last 10 games. With huge wins against OKC, Dallas, and Miami. The Grizz look to make some noise again in this years playoffs. They currently are the 5th seed, and if the playoffs were to start today...they would be playing the Clippers. Lets just say, I wouldn't be surprised if they won in 6 games.

My prediction to win it all is....The Miami Heat! Im sticking to my guns for the 2nd year in a row. I have them beating OKC in 6. Home court is going to be their best friend throughout the playoffs. If they can steal a game on the road, they'll be fine. I just dont think the Bulls bench can win them a championship. They need D.Rose to be playing at a high level and with the injuries he has, I dont think he can carry them to a World Championship. No knock against the Bulls or even the Celtics, but age is gonna creep in and Rondo cant get you to the Finals. The Miami Heat will be your NBA CHAMPION.

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