Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Legit Contender

After losing to the Lakers by 14 points 6 days agao...the Spurs decided to return the favor to the Lakers. The Spurs dominated the purple and gold, especially in the 2nd quarter. The closest the Lakers got was 43-41 with 4:54 left in the first half. After that, it was all Spurs...going on an 18-0 run to the Lakers out of there own gym. They went on to win the game 112- 91. Now, the question is...are the San Antonio Spurs a legit contender for the World Championship? I say yes, while others say they'll fall off the track because of age. The Spurs have one of the deepest benches in the west. The Spurs can go about 9 or 10 deep into their bench. Also, with younger legs on the team they can get out and push the ball more than they have in recent years. Right now, they sit in first place in the west with 6 games to go in the season and a half game up on OKC...this is gonna be a fun week to watch, as it always is in the west. The Spurs and Lakers clash one more time Friday night in San Antonio at 9:30 on ESPN.

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