Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Answer

The Philidelphia 76ers took on the Boston Celtics last night in a must win game 6 at home. As if they needed more motivation to keep their season alive. Well, the organization thought they could use a little extra. I can see them in a meeting now; note pads, pens, water bottles, closed door, and then bam...they come up with something to get the crowd rocking before the game. The answer is, lets have Allen Iverson deliver the game ball before the game! GENIOUS

The 76ers have forced a game 7 against Boston in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. Neither team has won back to back games at all in this series. That cant sit well with Philly. Basically, the 76ers could just stay in Philly and not bother going to Boston for the final game of the seires. But that is why the game is played. If the Celtics plan on winning game 7 at home, they cant shoot 33 percent, have 17 turnovers, or go 3 for 14 on 3 point shooting. That just wont get the job done. But you have to credit Philly for scraping in this series and throughout the playoffs. The final game of the series is Saturday in Boston.

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