Friday, May 11, 2012

One Down

The Chicago Bulls lost D.Rose in game 1...then they lost Joakim Noah in game 3...then they lost game 6 of the playoffs last night. The number one seeded Chicago Bulls are done. With 7 seconds to go in the game, Bulls point guard C.J. Watson looked as if he could've layed the ball up and possibly got fouled; instead, he passed the ball to Omer Asik...he was fouled and put on the foul line for 2 free tthrows. Omer would miss both free throws. That would've given the Bulls a 3 point lead. Instead, Andre Iguodala grabbed the rebound off the second miss, flew down the court, and was fouled by Asik on the layup.
All 20,362 fans at the Wells Fargo Center eyes were on Iguodala. They would not be disappointed. He sank both free throws and the fans went crazy. With 2.2 seconds left on the clock, the Bulls had one shot to win the game. C.J. Watson  recieved the in bound pass, took a couple dribbles...heaved the ball towards the basket...hit the back iron, but to no avail. 76ers won their first playoff series since 2003. Now that this injury plagued series is over, the 76ers move on to play the Boston Celtics in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi- Finals Saturday at 8pm on TNT. 

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