Monday, May 14, 2012


You might have heard of these names before, whether you watch NASCAR or not. Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhart Jr., Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart. And im sure you heard of Danica Patrick, the first woman to drive in NASCAR. But, I have a question for you...who is Tia Norfleet?

Tia Norfleet is a second generation NASCAR driver. Her father, Bobby Norfleet made his NASCAR in 2000 at the Portland International Raceway course. She has been successful at drag racing and on the shorter tracks circuit known as the late models, where she gained two top-15 finishes. Becoming a champion NASCAR driver is a goal she's been aiming toward for quite some time now. The most amazing part of her story is that she is the youngest, and only african american licensed driver in the sport. All women from around the world should support her, no matter what your race is. As an african american man, she has my support and I think the community should rally around her as she looks to reach her ultimate goal of driving in NASCAR.

"My finest memory of my racing experience would be when I was about 5. I had a little Corvette car, and my dad put two car batteries in it. I literally drove that car until the wheels fell off. Ever since then, I've just been so enthused about motorsports." - Tia Norfleet

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