Monday, May 14, 2012


One of the most anticipated series in the playoffs is finally here!! Lakers and Oklahoma City square off tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena. This series has all the names and nicknames to with it. Kevin Durant aka Durantula, Serge Ibaka aka Iblocka, Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba. Then you have James Harden versus Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest. Finally, you have Derek Fisher playing in a playoff series against a team he won 5 NBA Championships with. What can be better than that??? As a fan, you want to see the series go 7 games, possibly 8 if they played 8 game series.

This is the first time OKC and LA have played since World Peace hit James Harden with a "peoples elbow." That incident got Metta World Peace suspended for 7 games. He played his first game after serving his 7 game suspension against the Denver Nuggets. He played 44 minutes...had 15 points...2 assists...5 rebounds...4 steals...and 2 blocks. A very active game for someone who missed 7 games. This will definitely be one of the most physical series of any series played this post season. There is a great story to this series, plot, and characters. Only thing we dont know is who is going to win. That is the question the world is asking. Game 1 tonight at 9:30 on TNT. #THUNDERUP

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